The Arithmometers of Thomas de Colmar & Payen

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The 1850s ... Promoting his arithmometer
with "very royal" gifts

VIPs who received an arithmometer as a gift
A nice example: Count of Trapani's arithmometer (© Serge Roubé)

Drawings of the arithmometer throughout the years

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Discovery of a new prototype !!

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Demonstration models
How many has survived ?
Sn 1316 modified
The mystery of Serial numbers
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How the arithmometer works : Video-modelisation by Michael L. Hilton (10mn)

T1820 project
Project 1820
Modelisation with Catia is also:

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Arithmomètre Thomas de Colmar
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Thomas de Colmar


The arithmometer N°541 for Mlle Renaud
A forced marriage ?


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