Safety locking device

* Translation by Eric Schurmann

I) The Maltese Cross (1852-1907)

"When operating these old machines very quickly, it sometimes happened that the pinions, set off fast, became flywheels and passed the point to which the stepped tooth cylinders had taken them so that the counter indicated an extra figure.  This accident was prevented by adding a special restraining mechanism to the works. A wheel in the form of a Maltese cross was fixed on each of the square shafts which carried the toothed pinions, a bit beyond the end of the stepped tooth cylinders opposite the crank. This. wheel corresponded with a specially shaped sector mounted on the shaft of the cylinder. This sector allowed the shaft to turn only while the pinion was meshed with the cylinder teeth and prevented it moving during the rest of the revolution."


Maltese cross on the T1865


Maltese cross on the T1865


Face view on the T1860


Maltese cross