Luxury cases

*Translation by Serge Roube

The 1850’s mark the true beginning of the commercialization phase of the Arithmometer.  To assure its promotion, Thomas de Colmar didn't hesitate to offer Europe Royalty some magnificent, lavishly decorated machines.
Solid ebony, embossed brass and tortoiseshell in-lays; All the right components were there to glorify the Arithmometer!!

This is how the king of Portugal, The Tsar Nicolas I, the king of Greece, The Pope Pie IX, and Napoleon III received these superb machines as gifts.  Thomas was a rich man; he knew what he was doing.
In return he received a lot of honored distinctions... this was something that pleased him too!

Some of these machines have been preserved and they are now part of public and private collections all over the world.

Here are a few examples:


Tsar Nicolas I Arithmometer (Circa 1851)

Arithmometer given to Marie de Bourbon (Circa 1851)

Arithmometer given to the king of Portugal, 1852


Box T1850 B


These “gifts” were also given to important scientific personalities, some members of his family, and maybe to some female friends...

Arithmometer offered to Mr. Le Verrier, from Paris Imperial Obstervatory, 1854


Zénoïde de Jacquemain, niece of Thomas (1852)


To Mademoiselle E. Renaud, (circa 1864)